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(FDMFTR) Meanderings: Is Anyone Listening?

Is Anyone Listening?

By Jill Samantha Behe


Inside I’m screaming,

Can anybody hear?

Life rolls on, never ceasing,

Waves upon the sea.

Storms surge and crash all around.

And I’m drowning.


Inside I’m screaming,

Does anybody hear?

Heartache hides behind a mask,

Fake smiles and foolish laughter.

No one looks beyond the surface.

And I’m dying.


Inside I’m screaming,

One is listening.

Heart and soul cry out:

Please, help.

Mercy, grace, and peace full-measure.

Now, I’m singing.


I wrote this a year or so ago (poems are not a usual thing for me as I prefer short stories, or novels), but the words in my head wouldn’t go away, and they were LOUD!

Truth be known, at various times in my life, these same words have depicted my state of mind. But not anymore, at least not to this extent. And I’ve learned how to shut them up, mostly.

After sweating over how to present the words on paper, and laboring over the conclusion, I realized how they had opened my eyes. These words made me aware that there are probably many others hearing the same thing, but don’t know how to turn it off. If these people were anything like me, their true feelings were hidden behind laughter, or some form of everything-is-fine, or they’ve retreated from interacting with other people altogether.

When the news of Robin Williams’s suicide hit the airwaves not long ago, people were stunned. He made hundreds of thousands laugh, had seemed so jovial and on top of the world. I heard the questions, “Why?” and “How could this have happened?” many times over the next few weeks.

Robin’s mask was very much in place—maybe not to all, but to the vast majority. Great actor that he was, he was able to hide the pain, the sadness, the fear, the discontent.

Look around at your co-workers, friends, even family. Are you close enough to know? Do they let you see what’s really going on? Or do they keep you in the dark? Let them know you care.

Are you the one wearing the mask?

Is there one you’re close to who can hear you? The real you? One you can trust, who won’t judge, or ridicule, or wave you away when you drop your shield?

I turned to God. He’s always there, waiting, wanting to help … everyone.

You may not know Him, but He knows you, and He hears you screaming.

All you have to do is reach out.


Profitez de votre journée,

The Rebel

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